The Story of Gogohire

Gogohire was conceived on a sunny afternoon in the East Bay.  At the time, Pete was using a recruiting agency to find his next gig after growing tired of selling recruitment solutions at LinkedIn.  The experience of working with an agency left a bad taste in his mouth.  Frustrated by the length of the process and pressured into jobs he wasn’t interested in, he realized the traditional recruiting model was ripe for disruption.  

That’s when he met Adarsh.  As a full-stack engineer at Cisco (and the winner of thirty-two hackathons), Adarsh was the ideal partner to build a hiring solution that would solve a real need in the market.

In May of 2014, Pete and Adarsh brainstormed a plan for Gogohire.  Within a month, they launched the product and on-boarded their first twenty companies.  Today, Gogohire has nearly two hundred companies on its platform hiring top sales talent faster and more efficiently than any other solution on the market.   

Pete Ryan

With six years of sales experience, Pete has deep expertise in selling software solutions and growing sales teams.  During his time at LinkedIn, Double Dutch and Oracle, he experienced the inefficiencies of the sales hiring process first-hand and set out to build a better solution.  

When Pete isn’t on the phone or in the office, he tries to find time to kite-surf on the San Francisco Bay.      

Adarsh Uppula:

Adarsh spent four years as a software engineer at Cisco Systems where he led ad-hoc teams through project formation, completion and success.  As a whole-systems thinker, he leverages his deep knowledge of the full software stack to build cohesive and elegant solutions.

In his spare time, Adarsh travels around the world to compete in (and win) hackathons.  True to his type, he produces his best hacking and coding work between midnight and sunrise.