Podcast: Arjun Arora, Co-Founder at Immediately

In this episode, we speak with Arjun Arora, Co-Founder at Immediately

Immediately helps sales people close more deals. By providing a mobile workflow application that integrates deeply with email (Google mail) + Salesforce, Account Executives can be as effective on their phone as they are in the office. Immediately also helps sales managers ensure that their sales data is clean and timely so they can help their AEs be more successful and project more accurately.

Arjun was the Chairman and Founder of ReTargeter which was acquired by Sellpoints (March 2015). Arjun was the founding CEO of ReTargeter and bootstrapped the company to be in the top 100 of Inc's Fastest Growing Companies list in 2013. He is a recognized expert in display advertising and retargeting and has been interviewed on Bloomberg TV, been quoted in the WSJ and been mentioned in Forbes. He has been recognized at the White House, at the UN and at the Global Summit for Entrepreneurship for his success and commitment to a values centered organization.

For more information or to get put on the waiting list for "public access" you can email Arjun at arjun@immediatelyapp.com. 

Customer story: "One of our users, takes the ferry every morning into San Francisco from the north bay. In the old days, she used to send emails and respond to clients on her phone like any diligent high performing sales person but always had to mark the emails as unread and flag them for logging and following-up upon getting back to her desk. Now with Immediately, she can not only power through those emails, make sure they are logged and instrumented - she can also follow-up with times to chat easily and clean up her pipeline. Now when she gets back to the office she is ready to roll and be proactive!"  -Arjun Arora (Co-Founer at Immediately)