Podcast: Anders Fredriksson, CEO at ProLeads

In this episode, we speak with Anders Fredriksson, CEO at Proleads

ProLeads is a B2B sales automation platform that automates the research and qualification phase of prospecting. We find the most personal touch points between you and your leads, for you to use in super personalized emails at scale. The traditional lead generation and qualification process is expensive, time consuming and a data overload for most sales teams.

ProLeads enables sales teams to focus on the truly sales ready leads helping them beat the industry average meeting rate from cold emails by over 600%.

With ProLeads companies can generate emails based on the most relevant data points eg. "Hey John, I saw that you were talking about Sales Development on Twitter the other day, and I also noticed on LinkedIn that we both know X and Y. How do you know X? He's one of my best friends! ...". And we do this at scale including the best data for each lead.

If you would like to learn more you can email Anders at anders@proleads.io.   You can also sign up for a trial at Proleads.io.