Podcast: Greg Pietruszynski CEO of Growbots

In this episode, we chat with Greg Pietruszynski, CEO and Founder of Growbots. 

Growbots is creating A.I. for Sales with deep learning algorithms to automatically find and contact ideal customers. 

Growbots automates lead generation, email communication and CRM integration - you only have to set up a customer profile and email campaign to generate new sales opportunities. The Growbots software will automatically surface ideal companies, the right decision makers, and generate warm leads for your sales team.  With the best matching algorithm on the market, Growbots is determined help companies with their lead generation -- which is notoriously the biggest growth challenge for 60% of companies. 

For more information email Greg Pietruszynski, CEO and Founder at Growbots, directly at g.pietruszynski@gmail.com