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Gogohire would like to welcome Nate Floyd to the team!

Nate's story: 

After graduating University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business, Nate joined Pantheon as an Investment Analyst where he assisted the U.S. and Latin America Primary and Secondary investment teams in conducting both quantitative and qualitative due diligence analysis to guide investment decisions.  After leaving Pantheon, Nate joined Crowdflower as a Key Account Strategist, managing key account relationships, and responsible for contract renewals and overseeing successful projects.  

In 2014, Nate packed his bags and ventured to Belize to joined CCRD (Centre for Community Resource Development) where he focused on business development and partnerships. He also successfully launched an after-school computer literacy program for children ages 9-13 years old.  

Outside of work Nate loves to Scuba Dive, snow ski, mountain bike, rock climb, study Thai Massage, and attend Burning Man. 

Nate's responsibilities at Gogohire will include: 

-Creating strategic relationships with Gogohire's key customers

-Ensuring company and candidate engagement on the Gogohire network 

-Driving Gogohire's long-term efforts in expanding into new markets and verticals

-Assisting the Gogohire team build a strong and lasting company culture

3 Pro Tips - Hiring on Gogohire

1. Build a stellar company profile page 

After you make interview requests to prospective candidates the first thing they will do is look at your Gogohire company profile.  Companies who build strong company profiles see 35%+ higher interview request acceptance rates.

Pro Tip: Make sure your Gogohire company profile is filled with photos, an employer video (let us know if you would like one built -- we have partners), and a strong company description and perks/benefits to showcase your employer brand.  

Soon we will be opening up company profiles to the world -- another reason why you should make sure it looks like a million bucks. 

2. Act fast on prospective candidates

Every Monday at 9am PT we will send you an email with new prospective candidate profiles.  It's important that you act fast on these candidates.  As you know, the time period that a candidate is open to exploring new opportunities doesn't last forever (typically between 20-30 days).  

Make sure you make interview requests quickly!  Also, after a candidate accepts your interview request respond quickly to schedule the interview. Time is of the essence. It is typical that we have to take candidates off of a Gogohire 'match' because they have already landed a job.  Act fast so you can hire top talent before your competition does.


3. Lean on us

Do you have a question about a candidate's past experience, need us to schedule the interview, curious about references, etc. -- we are here to help! Contact your Talent Manager, email us at, or call us toll-free at 855-220-0846 if we can assist in anyway.  

Top 10 Hottest Tech Companies That Are Hiring Sales (Dec FY'15)

Check out list of technology companies that are growing quickly, hiring tech sales talent, and posed for greatness. 

How did we build this list you ask? To qualify for our list a company must have received venture funding greater than $2M, are hiring tech sales talent, and be on a trajectory to grow in excess of 50% over the next 3 years. We collected and  analyzed public data on Mattermark and Crunchbase, and surveyed top performing sales talent at the company to get the inside scoop. 



The New Gogohire

At Gogohire we have been working hard to build a better sales talent marketplace. This is by far the biggest release since we launched. We are pleased with the outcome, and we hope you are to.

Below are some of the enhancements:

Match Alerts: Enter in your company's hiring needs (job titles and locations) and we will alert you either daily or weekly of when newly added sales talent match your hiring needs.


Better Company Profiles: First impressions are everything. Your new company profile should get candidates energized by the potential.


New Dashboard Functionality:

-We separated candidate matches and all other candidates

-Added the ability to 'hide' and 'bookmark' profiles

-Each candidate has their own profile expiration


Wizard Magic:

We made a ton of updates that you can't see, but will give us the ability to scale our efforts. What does this mean for you? More, better sales talent - faster.

To see these new features and functionality in action, visit

The Story of Gogohire

Gogohire was conceived on a sunny afternoon in the East Bay.  At the time, Pete was using a recruiting agency to find his next gig after growing tired of selling recruitment solutions at LinkedIn.  The experience of working with an agency left a bad taste in his mouth.  Frustrated by the length of the process and pressured into jobs he wasn’t interested in, he realized the traditional recruiting model was ripe for disruption.  

That’s when he met Adarsh.  As a full-stack engineer at Cisco (and the winner of thirty-two hackathons), Adarsh was the ideal partner to build a hiring solution that would solve a real need in the market.

In May of 2014, Pete and Adarsh brainstormed a plan for Gogohire.  Within a month, they launched the product and on-boarded their first twenty companies.  Today, Gogohire has nearly two hundred companies on its platform hiring top sales talent faster and more efficiently than any other solution on the market.   

Pete Ryan

With six years of sales experience, Pete has deep expertise in selling software solutions and growing sales teams.  During his time at LinkedIn, Double Dutch and Oracle, he experienced the inefficiencies of the sales hiring process first-hand and set out to build a better solution.  

When Pete isn’t on the phone or in the office, he tries to find time to kite-surf on the San Francisco Bay.      

Adarsh Uppula:

Adarsh spent four years as a software engineer at Cisco Systems where he led ad-hoc teams through project formation, completion and success.  As a whole-systems thinker, he leverages his deep knowledge of the full software stack to build cohesive and elegant solutions.

In his spare time, Adarsh travels around the world to compete in (and win) hackathons.  True to his type, he produces his best hacking and coding work between midnight and sunrise.